The reasons for the success of Monsoon dress

Monsoon dress dominate Europe fashion, "fashion" office is it’s core, it is fashionable and not make public, feminine rather tedious; New style fashion, the detail place and do not provide craftsmanship. It includes two aspects: one is mainly applicable to office everyday outfits to fashion; Second, deduce white-collar women's fashion concept, the busy and happy, enrich and enjoy; In daily work life all show personal style and taste.
Clear brand positioning is the reasons for the success of Monsoon dress. Brand consumer level: age between 25-35 years old, she had had a good higher education has the certain women dress sense. They dress requires both fashion and practical, can fully display their dress sense, at the same time to receive the attention and respect.
They are confident, independent, there is knowledge, have grade, they love fashion, pursuit quality, they are vivid and have feminine taste. Women love monsoon also willing to build self-image, they can be a company employees, civil servants ,teachers, can also be a private owner, freelancers.
In the world of monsoon dress, confident pure grace with instinctive quality is an eternal theme, fashion, confidence and energy, to build the new features of women's dress. Monsoon dress is not only to give women a new image, more importantly, endowed with modern consciousness of women's confidence and fully express themselves.
Monsoon brand is permeated with full-bodied European style, and fitted to the aesthetic needs of urban women in China, between high-grade office buildings and public places, confidently deduce belong to your own style and taste.

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